What We Do

At the Scholarship Foundation, we believe that students need and deserve education beyond high school, and that every motivated, deserving student with the desire for higher education should have the opportunity to pursue it.

We have been supporting students in their higher education goals since 1962. Today, our online application is available to students between October 15 and January 15. After careful review of the applications and the more than 500 scholarship funds we have in management, we provide scholarships to eligible students from Santa Barbara County for college, graduate, and vocational school education.

In May of 2023, we awarded nearly $7.2 million in scholarships to 1,864 students.

We also support students by helping them make smart financial decisions regarding their education. Our staff provides financial aid advising in addition to assistance with scholarship applications, complex federal and state financial aid forms, understanding financial aid award letters, and managing student aid—all free of charge. This year through our advisory services we helped scholarship recipients secure an additional $35 million in federal, state, and institutional aid.

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