Once I’m awarded, is there anything else I need to do?

Yes! The Scholarship Foundation requires a significant amount of information to release private funding that only you, the recipient, can provide. Because funding is disbursed by term, you must continue logging in to your online Scholarship Foundation application portal throughout the coming academic year.

Most tasks can be completed during the summer, before the new academic year begins. Please click here for a full list of what is required for you to receive your scholarship.

How do I receive my scholarship funding?

A Disbursement Request From link will be sent to you via email after you have formally accepted your award. You must complete a Disbursement Request Form to initiate the release of your funds. Once you have successfully completed the Disbursement Request Form, we will process the request and mail checks to your college’s Financial Aid Office.

You will be notified by email when your award has been disbursed. Please make sure your contact information is current.

What if I’m studying abroad?

If you are studying abroad, please email [email protected] to inform us of your academic plans. Please note that funding will be sent to your home institution.

I’m in summer school. Can I pay with my scholarship?
The Foundation does not offer student aid for summer sessions.
What if I change my major, college, or contact information?
If you change any college-related or personal information, you must notify the Scholarship Foundation immediately. Some changes can affect your funding or disbursements. Email updates to [email protected].
What if I have waitlisted courses?
Waitlisted courses do not count towards enrollment. You must be added to the course for units to count towards enrollment. If you are waitlisted, please wait until you’re officially registered for the course before providing your class schedule.
What if I only have a few days to pay for my course before I’m dropped?
The Scholarship Foundation cannot provide a check within 72 hours, the time that many community colleges allow before dropping students from the class. It is the student’s responsibility to pay for course fees in a timely manner. The Financial Aid office at your institution will release your scholarship to be used at your discretion for reimbursement purposes and other college expenses.
I can’t figure out how to upload my document. Can I email it?
No. The only method of submitting documentation of any kind to the Scholarship Foundation is via your online application portal. Documents must be in either a Microsoft Word (.doc) or PDF format. Documents received via email, mail, or in-person are not accepted.
What about next year? Do I have to re-apply?
Yes! Scholarships are awarded on an academic yearly basis only. Students must apply each and every year that they wish to be considered for funding.
What is considered a valid verification of enrollment?

Valid documents for verification of enrollment include your student schedule, unofficial transcript, or letter from the Registrar’s office. The document must include:

  • Student’s full name
  • Name of the institution
  • Term
  • States that student is full-time* OR shows units equivalent to full-time (12 units)

*If you are considered full-time by your institution but not by the Scholarship Foundation, you must provide additional documentation.

What if I am not at full-time status?
Full-time status is required in order to receive your disbursement. If you are not enrolled full-time for one term, you may be eligible to receive a one-time forbearance. This would allow you to receive your disbursement for one term despite being under-enrolled.
I won’t be enrolled this year. Can I save my award for the next year?
No, we do not place hold on awards. Awards will only be disbursed in the academic year for which they were awarded. If you are unable to attend school in the year in which you were awarded, we encourage you to re-apply the following year.
Once I have completed all of my tasks in my Kaleidoscope account, will the check be sent to my home address?
No. The check will be sent to your institution and applied towards any remaining balance you have with your school. If you have already paid your tuition and other school-related expenses prior to your school’s receipt of the disbursement, your institution may release the check to you as refund.