How do scholarships from the Scholarship Foundation of Santa Barbara work?

The Scholarship Foundation of Santa Barbara administers five large, individual scholarship programs, each having several awards available. By applying to the General Scholarship Program, you are applying for the largest selection and variety of scholarships available through the Scholarship Foundation. In addition to completing the application for the General Scholarship Program, the following groups are encouraged to review the requirements for our other scholarship programs to see if they may be eligible: high school seniors, special employees, and members of the Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians.

Scholarships are awarded on an academic yearly basis. Funding is granted each year for the fall-spring academic year (this excludes summer sessions). Students must apply each and every year that they wish to be considered for funding.

I’m an adult and/or re-entry student. Is there an age limit to apply?
No! All applicants must meet our General Eligibility Requirements, but there is no age limit to apply.
I can’t figure out how to upload my document. Can I email it? Can I mail it?
No. The only method of submitting documentation of any kind to the Scholarship Foundation is via your online application portal, hosted by FluidReview. Documents received in-office or via email will not be reviewed.
I haven’t done my taxes. How should I fill out the Family Financial Statement?
Please use your best estimates in order to complete the Family Financial Statement task. You will be required to confirm your information by filing and submitting the FAFSA at a later date. An associated task will appear on the applicant’s online Fluid Review homepage after the student’s initial application has been submitted.
My college isn’t listed in the dropdown menu. How can I proceed?
Please follow the instructions listed within the application: Send an email to [email protected] with your full name, the full name of your college, its address, and the FAFSA school code. Then, enter any college into your application account so the task shows as “Complete.” Your college will be added to our database and become an accessible option in following application years.
I don’t have my transcript/letter of recommendation/personal statement completed. Can I submit it after the application deadline?
No! Due to the nature of the electronic application, you will be unable to submit your application until it is complete in its entirety. Your option to “Submit” your application will be unavailable until all tasks are finished. Do not wait until the final days before the deadline to attempt to submit your application – you may find that there are tasks yet to be complete.
Do I have to fill out the FAFSA?
Yes. The Scholarship Foundation of Santa Barbara utilizes the Student Aid Report (generated by filing of the FAFSA) to confirm financial need. You must file the FAFSA and submit your Student Aid Report by the Scholarship Foundation application deadline. No exceptions are granted to this requirement.
Who needs to create an FSA ID?
The student that is applying for FAFSA, and ONE parent, needs to create an FSA ID. The parent needs the FSA ID to electronically sign the FAFSA. If the parent has multiple children applying to FAFSA, parent creates only one ID, and each of their children create their own.
I have a social security number but neither of my parents have social security numbers. Does that affect my FAFSA eligibility?

It does NOT affect your FAFSA eligibility. However, your parents will not be able to create an FSA ID to electronically sign your FAFSA. Instead, you must print out the Parent Signature Page on the last task of your FAFSA application before submitting it. Once you print it, one parent must sign it and send in through mail. Also, when asked for parent social security numbers when filling out the Parent section on the FAFSA, enter all zeros.

If you have a visa, please contact our office to determine your eligibility.

Has my application been submitted?
Maybe! You can check to see if your application has been successfully submitted by logging in to your online Scholarship Foundation application portal. You should see your completed preliminary tasks at the top and any applications at the bottom. Submitted applications will be marked with a green label that reads, “Complete.” If you are awarded, an “Awarded Application” will appear below your “General Scholarship Program Application” at a later date.
When and how will I find out if I received an award?
Scholarship award notifications are sent via email on May 15 each year. Regardless of whether or not you have been awarded, you will be notified at the email associated with your online Scholarship Foundation account.