California Dream Act Application

Opens: December • CA Priority Deadline: April 2nd


• AB 540 Eligible Students:
Submit your California Dream Act Application online. The application process opens in December, and the priority deadline is April 2nd. By doing so, you will be applying for state aid and a selection of institutional aid, such as:

     • State aid: Cal Grants, Chafee Grant, and Middle Class Scholarships.
     • Institutional aid: Scholarships and grants.

• U.S. Citizens & Permanent Residents:
DO NOT complete the California Dream Act Application. Instead, submit your FAFSA online.

Information needed to fill out the California Dream Act Application:

  • Student DACA number, if applicable.
  • Student/parents’ most recent tax returns or estimates for income from prior year.
  • Asset information.
  • Parents’ birthdays, and date they were married/separated/divorced/widowed.