Excellence in Service


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As the only agency specializing in the prevention and treatment of childhood trauma in Santa Barbara County for nearly 50 years, CALM is a leader in protecting the most important relationship in the world. In 1971, CALM answered a need in the community. Founder Claire Miles put a second phone in her home and an ad in the paper asking stressed parents to call her. The response was overwhelming. Throughout the years, CALM has evolved from a single phone in Miles’ home to a countywide agency leader developing trauma-informed, evidence-based programs and services to help those in need.

CALM’s work is focused on three pillars:

Preventing Childhood Trauma – Our prevention programs serve families and caregivers with children who are most at risk for abuse and neglect. We help parents form strong, healthy attachments with their children, identify sources of support, and learn parenting strategies.

Healing Children and Families – At CALM, we know that a child must tell his or her story so healing can begin. We also must work to strengthen the entire family to heal a child and to prevent childhood adversity.

Building Resilient Communities – CALM is committed to supporting all children in our community. To do so, we must reach beyond the walls of our building and the homes of our clients to create the social change necessary to support and strengthen our broader community. By engaging with all organizations and systems that work with youth and families, CALM can help strengthen our community and make lasting changes.

Our partnerships with community organizations, preschools, pediatric clinics, and school districts have propelled our efforts to integrate practices to reduce the strain that childhood trauma puts on our schools, healthcare system, and neighborhoods. In Santa Barbara County, 13.3 percent of our community has experienced adversity at a level that will likely lead to significant negative health outcomes. CALM is working to change that.

At CALM, we envision safe communities where every family is supported, and every child thrives. We are determined to create the social change necessary to support and strengthen the entire community.

CEO Alana Walczak is a seasoned nonprofit professional with nearly 25 years of experience serving at-risk women, children, and families. Having spent the last two decades working with Santa Barbara County nonprofit agencies, Alana is deeply committed to addressing the vital needs of our communities, including the children and families CALM serves.