Eligibility: Employer

Special Employer-Sponsored Scholarship Program Eligibility:

Eligible applicants must be employed by Casa Dorinda (or be a spouse of an eligible Casa Dorinda employee*), Reichard Brothers Enterprises (Habit Burger and Hook Burger), Valle Verde, Vista del Monte, Alexander Gardens, or Villa Alamar. Eligibility will be verified by employer human resources departments. 

You cannot complete the General Scholarship Application AND the Special Employer Application – you must choose one.

Complete the Special Employer application if you:

  • Are employed by one of these companies
  • Do NOT meet the General Program eligibility requirements
  • Are an eligible spouse of a Casa Dorinda employee

The 2023-2024 Employer-Sponsored Scholarship Program application is available here. Deadline: January 15. 

Complete the General Scholarship Program application if you:

  • Meet the General Program eligibility requirements
  • Want to be considered for additional scholarships
  • Are a child or dependent of an employee of Casa Dorinda, DAC International, Deckers, Hardy Diagnostics, La Cumbre Country Club, Marborg, MTD, Montecito Bank and Trust, OSR Enterprises, QAD, Stantec Consulting Services, Valle Verde, or Vista Del Monte

Be sure to check the box in the “Donor Match List” task indicating your or your parent’s employer.