Entrepreneur of the Year

Sandi Hirsch

Sandra Hirsch is President and CEO of Isolite Systems, the fulfillment of a lifetime dream to be an entrepreneur. She grew up the daughter of two immigrants, who regularly emphasized the power of education to fulfill her potential.  This pursuit led her to the field of medicine, entering USC as a biology major. While there, she was exposed to the vast opportunity in the world of business through her roommate. This fired her imagination, and inspired pursuit of a Bachelor’s degree in business administration, with an emphasis in entrepreneurship.

After graduation, rosy dreams collided with tough business realities as young Sandi attempted to launch a variety of products. She discovered a natural fit in the financial management of business, where resource allocation and cash flow were critical to success in every enterprise, from construction to livestock ranching and insurance. Entrepreneurial failures provided learning opportunities, and CPA certification a validation of her financial acumen.

In 2001, everything changed with a little idea inspired by Sandi’s dentist brother-in-law Tom Hirsch, and nurtured to reality by her husband Jim Hirsch, an industrial designer. The trio focused to bring their revolutionary patented product to market, ending Sandi’s semi-retirement to raise three children. Over five years of a startup rollercoaster ride followed, but perseverance and hard work finally bloomed into success as dentists across the country became raving fans of an incredible “game changing technology” — Isolite.

Today, Isolite Systems has grown from that initial idea to a global company, with over fifty employees worldwide. Thousands of dentists around the world are loyal customers, benefiting millions of patients every year. The safety, comfort and control that Isolite dental isolation systems provide are dramatically improving dentistry for both hard working clinicians and their patients.  The products have been introduced in over twenty countries, and adopted by over twenty percent of dental schools in the United States — ensuring that this innovative product will soon become the standard of care for everyday procedures.

Sandi is incredibly proud of the “Isolite family”, a team of dedicated, focused, and hardworking employees who are passionate about their products and relentless in pursuit of a better dental experience for every patient.  They prove every day that great employees make great companies…and change the world for better.