Happy Thanksgiving from the Scholarship Foundation

At this time of year I often think about college freshmen, many of whom are coming home for the first time since they started their higher education journey. During those first few months away they have inevitably changed – matured and shaped by new experiences in class and campus life. It is exciting for them to share what they’ve learned and reconnect with friends and family.

At Thanksgiving we reflect on hope and opportunity, and these students embody those ideas for me. They embrace the promise of bright, productive futures. Our world is in their capable hands.

For many of them, higher education would not be possible if not for the generosity of the Scholarship Foundation’s donors, education partners, and other friends in the community. Your support enables deserving students to pursue their dreams and reach their potential, which makes a stronger society for all. When you support college access for hardworking students, we all win.

Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!

In gratitude,

Colette Hadley
Executive Director