Scholarship FAQs

What about the Santa Barbara City College Promise?

Applicants eligible for the Santa Barbara City College Promise who indicate that they will be attending SBCC will not be funded. If you are not eligible and/or are not sure you’ll attend Santa Barbara City College, you will need to fill out our application to be eligible for our funding. We WILL fund third or fourth year SBCC students and transfer students after they have received the SBCC Promise.

How do I get my scholarship check?

For scholarship checks, the student must initiate the check disbursement process each term by submitting verification of full-time enrollment to the Scholarship Foundation in a timely manner. Students accomplish this by uploading a copy of their schedule of classes each term to their 2017-2018 SFSB FluidReview online account (; PDF or MS Word (.doc) ONLY).  The schedule must clearly show the student’s name, college name, term, courses, and units indicating full-time enrollment.

Please note the following in regards to providing verification of enrollment and disbursements:

  • Wait-listed courses do not count; you must be added to the course for units to count towards full-time enrollment.  If you are wait-listed, please wait until you’ve added before providing schedule.
  • If your class schedule does not clearly demonstrate full-time enrollment, students may provide a letter from their college stating they are considered a full-time student in good academic standing for the appropriate term.
  • Many students enrolled at community college have 72 hours to pay for classes before being dropped.  The Scholarship Foundation cannot disburse a check within 72 hours, therefore, it is the student’s responsibility to pay for course fees in a timely manner.  The financial aid office will release your scholarship to be used at your discretion for reimbursement purposes and other college expenses.
  • If you are studying abroad for the term, you will need to provide a letter from your college stating you are considered a full-time student in good academic standing.  Be sure to include start/end dates or terms for the program.  Class schedules from the foreign host school cannot be accepted.
  • Uploaded documents must be formatted as PDF (.pdf) or MS Word (.doc).
  • No scholarship checks will be disbursed until the student submits verification of full-time enrollment.  Scholarship checks will not be issued earlier than August of the academic year.
  • You will be notified via email when your award has been disbursed, so please ensure your contact information is up-to-date.

How are scholarship checks processed and where are they sent?

Scholarship checks are disbursed according to the college’s academic calendar. If your school is on a semester schedule, the total scholarship award will be divided in two; and one-half will be disbursed in the Fall and one-half will be disbursed in the Spring. If your school is on a quarter schedule, the total award will be divided in three and disbursed as one-third in each term.  MD students will be paid in full at the start of the academic year after providing verification of their full-time enrollment and good academic standing.

What are the requirements to remain eligible for a scholarship payment?

Students must enroll in and complete at least 12 units each term (some programs require less than 12 units to be considered full-time) with a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA in order to remain eligible for an award. If a student withdraws or does not complete the required number of units, or if the student does not achieve the minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA, the Foundation has the right to cancel or adjust the award in any way.

What if I change my major, my college, or my contact information?

If you change any of your personal or school information, notify the Scholarship Foundation right away. It is solely the student’s responsibility to notify the Scholarship Foundation in writing if the student has a: (1) change of college, (2) change of major, (3) change of permanent address, email address, home phone or cell phone, (4) withdrawal of units to less than full-time status, (5) less than a 2.0 GPA. You may email information to the Foundation at Please note that these changes may impact your scholarship award(s).

Fast Facts

Did you know....

  • In 2016, we provided 3,016 scholarships totaling $8.74 million.


  • In 2016, we provided financial aid advising services to more than 45,000 students and families in our County.


  • The Scholarship Foundation does not charge an administrative fee to scholarship fund donors. 100% of contributions to support scholarships goes directly to deserving students.