Board of Directors

Barrett O’Gorman

Greg Bartholomew
Vice Chair, Governance

Vicki Hazard
Vice Chair, Administration

Ken Pash
Vice Chair, Investment

Lisa Rivas
Vice Chair, Development

Angela Siemens
Vice Chair, Student Programs

Tricia Fahnoe

Julie Whalen Schuetz

Janet Garufis
Immediate Past President

Joan Arnold
Trudi Carey
Lisa Couvillion
David Duron
Erik Frost
Christie Glanville
Alan Griffin
Norm Habermann
Patsy Hicks
L. Robert Johnson
Jim Knight
Diana Lee
Don Logan
Dale J. Marquis
Danna McGrew
Kathy O’Leary
Fred Przekop
Carrie Randolph
Jennifer Rapp
Matthew Rowe
Jay D. Smith
Jean A. Smith
Rachael Steidl
Arthur Swalley
Bill Terre
J. Taylor Woodward
Craig Zimmerman

Past Presidents Council

June I. Anderle
Leon P. Bartholomew
Joseph L. Cole
John Davies
Joe W. Dobbs
Nancyann Failing
Janet Garufis
Alan Griffin
Charles E. Greene
Stephen M. Hicks
Carl E. Lindros
Patricia MacFarlane
Bruce L. Micheel
Gerald Parent
Joanne Rapp
Ken Saxon
Hubert D. Vos
Richard Welch

Honorary Board

Barbara Henzell
Shirley Ann Hurley
Maryan Schall
Larie Smith
Michael Towbes
E. David Yossem

Advisory Council

Anthony Askew
Gayle Beebe
William J. Cirone
Valerie Fuette
John Illgen
Patti Jacquemain
Donn Tognazzini
Kevin Walthers
Henry T. Yang




Fast Facts

Did you know....

  • In 2016, we provided 3,016 scholarships totaling $8.74 million.


  • In 2016, we provided financial aid advising services to more than 45,000 students and families in our County.


  • The Scholarship Foundation does not charge an administrative fee to scholarship fund donors. 100% of contributions to support scholarships goes directly to deserving students.