Alumni Profiles

Learn more about some of our Alumni who have used the help they received from the Scholarship Foundation to attend college launch into successful careers.



Ameera ThomasAmeera is a graduate of Lompoc High who now resides in Seattle and works as a pediatric dentist. She has volunteered time for dental/oral health promotion outreach and has even taken her talents to work at an orphanage in Malawi, Africa. She says, “Every amount helps deserving students take advantage of educational opportunities.”







Scholarship Foundation Alumnus Ramon Guerrero.Ramon is the oldest of nine children and a first generation immigrant to the United States. When he graduated from Santa Barbara High School, aid from the Scholarship Foundation helped send him to Carleton College in Minnesota. Ultimately, Ramon got a medical degree from UC Davis and now he works as a partner in the largest anesthesia group in Texas and owns a winery in the Santa Ynez Valley.









Ashley_SFSB AlumniAshley graduated from Lompoc High, earned a BS in Political Science from UCLA, and is now the youngest member of the Lompoc City Council. She reminds donors: “You have the power to create opportunities for our young people through your generosity. Every student deserves that chance.”

Ashley is the director of community health at the Lompoc Valley Community Health Organization, which held a Community Health Summit last week. Read more about Ashley and the LVCHO here.







Dr. Timothy West

Timothy says, “As a young man growing up in Goleta, I truly never dreamed that I would be given such amazing opportunities in life. Somewhere along the way, someone in Santa Barbara believed in me, and I want to thank them for that faith and express my sincere gratitude for giving of themselves to afford me a singular opportunity.”


Now, Timothy is a doctor who is very involved in clinical research and has extensive experience running clinical trials.  He has published original articles on Multiple Sclerosis relating to the safety of therapeutics and the clinical predictors within the early stages of the disease. Tim’s research interests are focused on improving patient outcomes and the development of novel therapeutics in treatment. Aside from research, Dr. West has a great passion for teaching and he frequently participates in patient education programs.





Caitlin_AlumniCaitlin knew at a young age that she wanted to enter the field of healthcare, specifically obstetrics. In addition to receiving aid from the Scholarship Foundation, she worked her way through college as an office manager and a medical assistant.


Now Caitlin works as a Birth Center Nurse at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital. “I feel so blessed that I can now work at the very hospital I was born in.” she says, “I am honored to be able to give back to our community and to help welcome new life into the world because of my education. Thank you to the Scholarship Foundation of Santa Barbara!”





Erik_Taiji_ Alumni

Erik is a proud Santa Barbara native who returned to his hometown after double majoring in criminology and social psychology at UC Berkeley. He and his wife, a teacher at La Patera Elementary School, raise their two daughters here and continue to give back to the Scholarship Foundation.


“The impact that the Scholarship Foundation has is monumental- to teach kids that there are options out there.” He says, “The small community feel and specific support to local students is what made me decide to get involved.” Now the VP of Mortgage Lending at Guaranteed Rate, a portion of his closing fees go to help local students fulfill their dreams.





AdrianaGalvanAdriana would not have been able to attend her first choice college, Columbia University, if it weren’t for help from the Scholarship Foundation. Now, she works as a cognitive neuroscientist at UCLA with a long list of honors and awards to her name. Her focus is on teaching and studying adolescent brain development. Specifically, her work examines how changes in brain maturation during adolescence relate to adolescent behavior and decision-making.


When asked what she would tell someone who is considering supporting student scholarships, she says, “The generosity of the donors who helped launch my academic and career trajectory is immeasurable. I am grateful every day for the opportunities I have been exposed to in part because of the Scholarship Foundation.”





JosJose was born in Jalisco, Mexico. He came to the US when he was 3 years old and graduated from Santa Maria High School in 2008. He and his older brother were both able to attend college with help from the Scholarship Foundation, and now Jose is working as our newest Program Advisor in the North County.


He says, “I love helping students explore different financial aid opportunities and motivating them to dream and achieve.” Stop by the Santa Maria Office to say hello to him!







JacquelineCacanJacquelyn says, “I’m eager to encourage you to pay it forward to our community. Many scholarship recipients return to Santa Barbara with affection and dedication to our city.” She studied Architecture and Visual Arts at Rice University before coming home to Santa Barbara to work as a Lighting Designer and Project Manager at Ann Kale Associates.


Jacqueline also gives back to the community by being a volunteer for the Scholarship Foundation and a Board Member at the Architectural Foundation of Santa Barbara. She has also been a guest lecturer at VADA and SBCC.






Amir speech2Amir returned to school for his master’s degree in Education after working as an engineer. In 2001, he began teaching physics at Dos Pueblos High School, and established the Dos Pueblos Engineering Academy.


He says, “Financially, it was difficult decision to make to obtain my credential. Fortunately, there were scholarships and grants available and the Scholarship Foundation was there to help. Not only did they provide me with financial support, but in the interview I also felt encouraged and supported in the life-changing decision I was about to make. It was nice to have this additional validation. Now 12 years later, I can say with certainty that this was the best decision I ever made.  I have been able to significantly impact our community in ways that would have never been possible in my previous job; I have been able to work with members of this community to begin the arduous process of transforming education.  As a result, we are transforming the lives of the students we educate.”




Marissa CarrilloMarissa attended community college before transferring to UCSB to major in sociology. Starting out at a community college helped her to save money so that she could help support her family during troubled times while her mother battled breast cancer. She worked, ran track, and helped take care of her family throughout her time in college but never lost sight of her goals. She is currently attending Antioch for a graduate degree in clinical psychology with a focus on Latino health.


She says: “As donors, YOU are the key to our success; and it is you that helps students know that getting a college degree is possible.  On behalf of all of the Alumni from the Scholarship Foundation of Santa Barbara, thank you so much for investing in us.  We are profoundly grateful.”



Join these outstanding Alumni in supporting the Scholarship Foundation by clicking here. If you are an Alumni of the Scholarship Foundation, consider making your donation to the Alumni Scholarship Fund, and pay it forward to students who walk in your footsteps.

The students of Santa Barbara County have a lot to offer. That’s why the Scholarship Foundation continues to inspire, encourage, and support them in their pursuit of college, graduate, and vocational education through financial aid advising and the granting of scholarships.

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    Hello, i have really love what the foundation in the lives of children and students.
    I’m a Ugandan by nationality from Northern Uganda, i would like to know whether the scholarship programs also cover Africa especially Uganda. And also i would like to know whether the foundation do support local NGO’s to provides such services.

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      Hello Okello. Thank you for your interest and support of the Scholarship Foundation! If you look under the drop down menu for Students, you will see the criteria for receiving aid from the Scholarship Foundation. Unfortunately, our applicants must have attended at least four of the six years between grades 7-12 AND graduate or receive a GED from Santa Barbara County high school to be eligible. If you have not lived in this area, we cannot offer you scholarships. Good luck pursuing your education!