Scholarship Season Starts Now!


Scholarship Season Starts Now!

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As thousands of students throughout Santa Barbara County get back into the routine of the school year, high school seniors are facing busy months ahead and making some tough decisions about where their lives will be headed after high school. Some families question the value of higher education, especially in the face of daunting tuition bills.

There are many deserving young people who have made the decision to pursue a higher education. Studies show that even with rising college costs and a recovering job market, those with post-secondary degrees are making almost double the annual income of those without them, and have an unemployment rate that is half the rate of those without degrees.

The Scholarship Foundation is one of the most effective, efficient college access organizations in the country. Join us by investing in our enthusiastic, intelligent, and motivated local students. 


Student Aid and the Government Shutdown

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Is your student aid affected by the government shutdown?

By Alexa Grigsby, Assistant Viewpoints Editor

Published: This article is posted from, originally published on Oct. 9, 2013. Updated: Wednesday, October 9, 2013 23:10

In light of the recent government shutdown, scholarship-dependent college students all over the US are asking the same question: “Will the government shutdown affect my financial aid?” You will be glad to hear that they will be largely unaffected.

The Department of Education was one of the departments hit hardest by the shutdown, furloughing 95 percent of its staff. The good news: they are still processing Pell Grants and Direct Loan payments by not furloughing staff associated with those major loan programs. In addition, they will continue administering Pell Grants and Direct Loans with the help of contractors who have already been paid.  Just keep in mind that when working at 5 percent of normal efficiency, everything

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